About Amyzing

IMG_7541Amyzing aims to create a fun, captivating, and energetic experience for children while incorporating lessons of positive self-image and love.

I can’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t surrounded by children.  I am intrigued by their contagious energy, ability to live in the present moment, lack of judgment towards others, and endless zest for life.  Lots of people ask me how I began face painting and entertaining kids.  Truthfully, I bought my first face paint kit, with little art background, to simply entertain my nieces and nephews.  I had no idea how inspired I would soon become by transforming faces.  I found that face painting is very therapeutic: it serves as a reminder to live in the moment.   One of my favorite people, Father Antony Hughes, teaches that the most important person is “the person right in front of you.”    When I have a child sitting in front of me, anxiously waiting for their face to be painted, we share a special connection.  We exchange our creative ideas, playful imagination, and fully appreciate the essence of that moment.  Besides, what better canvas to paint than one that smiles back?  My creativity got the best of me when I realized I could create a business that would incorporate all the things I am passionate about: face painting, singing, and playing with kids.  Truly, there is no greater joy in life than spreading love, happiness, and laughter.  I am privileged and blessed with the opportunity to touch the lives of thousands of children, whether it’s with a paintbrush, an encouraging word, or a warm hug.  Furthermore, I am thankful to all the beautiful children who brighten my life and remind me how to really live in the moment.

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”  – Walt Disney